Saturday, March 20, 2010

sketches and equipment odds and ends

Here are a few character sketches for a new comic I've been considering. I actually wrote a big chunk of it before drawing anything which is an unusual working method for me. I think it's got some good parts but time will tell. kind of slotting it at about 200 or so pages so It could take forever and a day since I'm squeezing it in with so many other things.

These are the greatest pen tips I have ever used in my entire life. The line quality control is almost magical. I no longer want to live without them. They are Nikko brand Japanese tips. If you are serious about ink drawing hunt them down.

I spent the last couple of weeks building a vacuum press for serigraphy. I got the plans from Andy MacDougall's screen printing manual which is chocked full of tips about screen-printing and has the added bonus of not being written in the sixties. It works wonderfully and was pretty inexpensive to build. Junior, one of my students, has named this press "Neal"