Sunday, October 26, 2008

Organizing Futility

Organizations are most effective when they work towards a common goal. Boredom and repetition can quickly crush any lingering opposition.

The Terrible Births Yet To Come

The poor woman just lost someone very dear to her and already fair-weather friends are appearing with empty consolations and suggestions at replacements. No good will come of this, for her or anyone else. Sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut.

The Birth of Tragedy

Right thinking men must take upon themselves the responsibility to spread their created wonder upon the world. Only those content with their wisdom and their peace can actualize the methods and means to unleash the incursion of compassion on the ones who desperately need our quality of understanding. It falls on our beneficiaries to bear the burden of our love in all its terrible weight and eventual glory.

The Gates of Quarrel

1: The Man on the top of the Mountain has all the answers. His raucous playground far below teems with suffering and grim finality. His cabal of attendants recognize this as necessary and even more enjoyably, profitable. The Supplicant slowly approaches with eyes in the back of his head. If he displays the right mix of humility and brashness he will be allowed to join the party. Just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

2: There’s crime and then there are criminals. One is a necessary ingredient the other is an unpleasant addiction. She can help us sort the whole mess out if you would just listen to her.

3:Nothing is created in a vacuum, the good man knows the moral defects in the world and can birth new nobility to erase the iniquity of the lesser man. Conviction of the righteous and consensus the gentry are the only necessary ingredients for his Virtue, and the absence of a mirror confirms the superiority of his righteous cabal

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Our oblivious self-destruction masquerades as a self-righteous albatross choking the like out of a diseased human race.